Blooming Gorgeous

In Videos Worth Sharing by danny

Using only a tiny action camera (the GoPro Hero 3+) and his trusty drone, Philip Bloom takes us on an elegant journey through the island of Koh Yao Noi in this video. It is increasingly surprising to see the quality & beauty one can get out of a GoPro camera. What was once used only as an ‘action cam’ for extreme sports fanatics, is now used by cinematographers all over the world. From drone shots & crash cams, through to the extensive use of GoPros in the movie ‘The Martian’, the GoPro brand of cameras are now more in use than ever before. Making use of the ‘Protune’ preset on the GoPro (which enables you to use the full Dynamic Range of the cameras sensor), Bloom has managed to grade the GoPro footage to look less like video & more like film.

Drones, such as the Phantom 3 by DJI, have also enabled cinematographers to go beyond the standard tripod or slider setups of a typical one-man band videographer and venture into new territory. They can now show the world from a multitude of different perspectives which weren’t available to them before without a bigger crew. Bloom has made full use of the drone in this video. From smooth sweeping shots of the beach, to a bird’s eye view of children playing on the island. Bloom has used the drone at every opportunity in order to show the island from a different perspective. The aesthetically pleasing shots a cinematographer can achieve with this simple device is brilliant, and while controlling the drone isn’t an easy task, it is definitely a skill worth learning as a videographer.