Stada Media CEO appears on Channel 5’s the Gadget Show

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It’s always a great feeling when your work is recognised – so a big congratulations to Danny Lacey, CEO of our lovely company, for being asked to appear on channel 5’s The Gadget Show. The subject in question? The ultimate selfie – the show found the work that Danny did on Embrace’s “I Run” music video rather interesting indeed. Two of the show’s hosts Amy and Jason must battle it out to produce the ultimate selfie – Jason dealing with holograms, and Amy perusing a 360 technique, instructed by Danny. The filming was conducted down in Bristol with a great crew. Though they still have Danny’s GoPro rig…


Using 6 GoPro’s and a specially designed rig shipped from America, Danny made the ‘little planets’ effect (as seen in the picture below). The band loved the video and the fan reaction was also incredibly positive, with the video now reaching over 130,000 views. Through clever editing and ‘stitching’ together of each of the GoPros using special software, the little planets effect is born. The technique is starting to crop up more and more now thanks to a rise in it’s popularity.


The show airs on 23rd March 2015 at 7pm on channel 5. Here’s the video that got him noticed plus the behind the scenes video that explains the magic behind the image.